we are oboti

the digital lovers

who are we


A team with over 5 years of experience in civil society, public and private sectors, in cross-sectorial industries with problem-solving and sustainability in the core of our work.

Creativity is beyond visible results. It is the entire experience. Developing effective solutions requires vast amounts of cognitive energy. And we have plenty of it.



Goal-oriented with a tailor-made process and solution. Specifics of the companies are well understood and taken care of from the initial scan and analysis to the post-delivery service.

Sustainable solutions for communities.


what we do

marketing agency

Strategic development plans of marketing, sales, creative design, advertisement, social media management, campaigns and more.

professional development

Training in specialized fields of graphic design, digital marketing, web development, project management, HR management and more.

innovation hub

Shared space, mentoring and consulting, marketing development, networking, co-funding and business development support.

business solutions

Modern tech-based solutions, using artificial intelligence, au- tomation and digitalization. Upskilling HR and developing effective processes and operations.

Meet our clients


A hardworking team with a high level of creativity, who aim to reach a whole another level with our work.

as Digital lovers we push our skills to the limit and beyond. We always seek the best.