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OBOTI ACADEMY is the one stop for all your required training. We offer professional training and development programs enhancing your skill set with high quality courses. Our training focuses on a variety of fields based on managing, research, human interrelation, programming, design and marketing.


Digital Marketing is a crucial profession for the marketing area and advertising.


graphic design & branding

Visual contents are created with texts and graphs to transfer a message.

web design & development

Web-developers bring design to life, work independently and have a well paid job.


project management

Plan and manage projects to reach the intended goals of the company.

research methodology

Methodology in research ensures the study’s reliability and validity.


The pillar of the company taking care of the employees needs and requests.


One of the most demanded programming languages to convert ideas into programs.



SPSS is a statistical software suite used to process and analyze data.

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After the final test, every student who has finished all the projects successfully will be equipped with a training certificate for acknowledging your achievements.

We offer the chance to students to join the class remotely for any type of training. Please check out the course schedule for online classes posted at the Course Details.

At the end of the course, OBOTI Academy will provide you with a certificate acknowledging your achievements and the skills you have developed. This certificate serves the purpose of being used as a reference of your professional development when applying for a job.

In order to apply for one of our training courses, you will need to select the training you want at OBOTI Academy and go to the Apply Now section. If you encounter any problem, please contact us. We will be happy to help you.

Our programs offer all levels for the training, therefore applicants are not required to have any prior-knowledge for the course.

You can choose to purchase the payment in two methods: online via credit card or at the reception in cash.

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Do not hesitate to take the time and learn something new for your career, you will become rich in knowledge; otherwise, you will become poor in performance. ​

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