Tech bells ringing

The boat of technology is ready to sail. Get aboard or stay behind to keep the fires of the old world burning.

The rapid development of technology is bringing hard-to-swallow changes every single day. Many are not ready to get on with them. In this situation they will soon be outdated and the struggles of surviving in this aggressive environment are definitely not going to last long.

Not embracing technology is getting us to the last breaths of development. And this is just one side of the medal. The other is even worse. Yes. Much worse. Things are getting out of control. Embracing it blindfoldedly is taking us down a foggy steep cliff. We are simply pushing the self-destruction red button.

Being on the brink of a disaster, mankind must be careful of not crossing the line. Keeping the balance is becoming more and more difficult. Sustainability is a common project of all parties. And OBOTI is willing to take the shots and do its part. 

What is our role?

We share the vision of building sustainable solutions for communities, using technology for the benefits of all stakeholders. We are helping individuals and businesses growing sustainably in the digital world. Digital education and transformation, revolutionizing the personalization concepts, and supporting innovation are at the core of our work.

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OBOTI consists of four complementary components. Academy points out the professional development of individuals in digital skills. Evolution represents the digital services in the creative industry given to our partners. Hub is the harbor where new innovations take off. Solutions stands for tech-based and AI integrated software development solutions for smartly automating business processes. Academy facilitates the offering of services under Evolution, whereas a combination of these two, the space, services and other resources of our network, will lead to new innovative ideas. The last and the most important, supporting the development of these ideas will turn them into business solutions we are aiming to build.

Our role is not a voice in the wilderness. Together with our peers, we are paving new paths that will transform the way of living and working. Having a team of professionals and a network of supportive partners is giving us insights that a powerful community is growing around this vision. The alarm bells of the tech era are ringing… let’s move forward together.

 Besnik Avdiaj, OBOTI TEAM